Custom Homes

Custom Home Built by John Legg in Sunriver OregonJohn Legg’s true brilliance shines when working with clients to build a custom home from the ground up. John’s flexible style allows homeowners to interact with him in whatever way best suits their needs. Some clients arrive with a desired floor plan in hand, and John makes sure it is built to their specifications. Others come with a general idea of what might be nice in a home, and John will collaborate with them and his designer to bring those ideas into a functional yet beautiful reality.  Throughout the design and building process, John welcomes owner involvement at whatever level they are most comfortable. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the many decisions that are required when building a custom home, but his experience and expertise allows John to patiently guide clients through this process in a way that will complement the house as a whole.  John is also able to arrange for new clients to tour some of the homes he has already built, and this enjoyable experience often sparks new ideas for owners that they then wish to incorporate into their own project.

While building a custom home with John Legg, homeowners will be introduced to some of the nicest and most professional designers and suppliers in the area.  The vast majority of subcontractors working for John have been doing so for over 15 years. Delivering a quality product is the main concern for John’s entire crew, and when issues do arise, they are committed to working hard until every detail is just right.  John and his carefully chosen team inspire confidence and offer a pleasurable experience all along the way.

John has lived in the area for over 35 years and knows how to build your home to withstand the harsh weather elements. Central Oregon presents rain, snow, wind and even damaging sun during the summer months. Since John is familiar with all the weather elements his homes are built to last and look their best for years.

John builds homes all over Central Oregon, but his sign is primarily seen in Caldera Springs, Crosswater and Sunriver. He is also a great resource in the process of selecting a location and purchasing land.  Take that next step by calling John today and discover just how helpful he can be in providing insight on the home construction process.  John loves it when he hands over the key at the end of a build, and the homeowners’ enthusiastic joy assures him that he has delivered their dreams!